PlayStation5 Disc Edition Console

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38 reviews for PlayStation5 Disc Edition Console

  1. Jeff Case

    Thanks alot just received my Game .

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    am so happy I got my ps5☺️

  3. Lebanon Alex

    Finally I got ma package, I was thinking of something earlier but is ok thank you so much.

  4. Henry

    I’m so happy I got PS5 finally.

  5. Benjamin

    I have been looking for ps5 almost a year now I got it finally thank you guys electronics shop.

  6. Alesandro

    I just got my ps5 disc game my son will be so happy you guys are legit 👌

  7. Jok (verified owner)

    It’s looks like a scam but not was just trying to see if it is thank you guys so so much now I believe you.

  8. P goat

    My favourite game at the moment just received the ps5 games 🎮

  9. Aaron

    Hope this is real and legit

  10. Terri

    This is legit just got my package

  11. Belle

    I just got my son ps5 for his 9th birthday he so so happy thank you so much.

  12. Gemma

    This is legit, I just received my game but they is no discount but you saying 40off discount why?

  13. Merry

    Lol some of you be saying they is no discount but they gave me a discount maybe you got just one I see I got 3ps5 yesterday and I got a 30% discount.

  14. Tirry

    Wow, I got my ps5 games this is legit, y’all be talking about discount of a thing am dam happy to gat my games, y’all know how many scammers out scamming people you have to be fucking happy you got yours.

  15. Jboy

    Dam this is real guys so fast

  16. Donald

    I just want to thank you for the wonderful service I received what I ordered am so happy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  17. Ollie

    I got my son a ps5 as a gift for Christmas he was very happy nice P.S. nice service!!!

  18. Jennifer

    I wish I had found you guys a longtime ago am happy tho

  19. Raymond

    I finally got one yes you guys are legit.

  20. Marc

    Happy Holidays I got my ps5 😊

  21. Kentucky

    Merry Christmas got my first ps5 game am ganna enjoy this shit so much wow

  22. Ceron

    Men just got my

  23. Dvora

    Great and well organised , I refer anyone with no doubt .

  24. Henrry

    Thanks for the fast and reliable delivery…and I also love the clean packaging….

  25. David C

    I love my games very clean also want to thank you for the fast delivery.

  26. Roger

    I received my package this morning you guys are very fast thanks so much.

  27. Lewis H

    My baby is right here with me finally got you am so happy.

  28. Smith

    I can’t believe I got it yes wow thank you guys am happy so much.

  29. Melly

    I received my games today dam am lucky and happy wow happy Christmas.

  30. Sonata

    My package just arrived incredibly

  31. Fabric

    I’m ganna play like never before I got my ps5 package.

  32. Jaden F

    I’m glad I got my, so fast guys am ganna let many people know you’re legit.

  33. Jimmy

    My package just arrived home thank you guys am so happy.

  34. Garcia C

    Dam it I now know you’re real electronics supplier thank you guys so much.

  35. Young c

    Thanks you for the safe delivery, I’m happy to receive my orders…

  36. Gamze

    Ja, ik heb net mijn pakket ontvangen nu ben ik blij

  37. Voila D

    Hey guys, am I right to say you’re doing just perfect bc I can’t believe I got my pack right here with me delighted will be so happy thank you guys so much!!

  38. Amaru Abu

    رائع ، إنه رائع ، يجب أن أقول إنك رائع

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